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About Honiball

Honiball Joseph is a composer, conductor, and pianist, with more than thirty eight years (Since 1986) of extensive international experience in music and art. He graduated from Tehran Music Conservatory and Tehran Music University, and earned a Master's in Music as a composer-performer from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts). Joseph has been a music educator since 1986. He is the founder and current CEO of Gilgamesh Arts & Culture Foundation. Honiball is passionate about helping high-quality art become more accessible to the community.

Creativity, the generation of new ideas, and novel styles in art have been inseparable aspects of his life.

Founder & Director

  • Gilgamesh International Composition Competition (2020 - Present) in the US

  • Gilgamesh Chamber Orchestra (2016 - present) in the US

  • Iranian Choir of America (2015 - 2018) in the US

  • Beneil Music Academy (2001 - 2015) in Iran

  • Messiah Ensemble (1998 - 2015) in Iran

  • Ambassadors of Christ Choir (1997- 1999) in Iran

  • Virtual Iranian Global Art Festival in (2005 - 2008) in Iran


In addition to numerous recitals, he has organized, conducted, arranged and composed several orchestral and vocal concerts such as:

Classical Music​​

  • Moment Musical Recital at the Norman P. Murray City Hall in Mission Viejo (2018)

  • Serenades, the Melodies of Love at IQ studio in Orange County (2017)

  • Intercultural music in 10 languages - Representing various Eastern and Western cultures to Iranians- at Milad Tower, Tehran (2013)

Assyrian Music

  • Contemporary Assyrian Folk Concert at Marines' Memorial Theatre in San Francisco (2019)

  • Contemporary Assyrian Folk Concert at Smothers Theater in Malibu (2019)

  • Living Assyria Concert at the British Museum, London (Feb 22, 2019)

  • Mesopotemian Nights C-PAEC in Los angeles, Calabasas (2015)

  • Assyrian Folk concert at German Embassy in Tehran (2013)

  • Mesopotamian Nights - Performing Ishtar & Tammuz- at San Jose (2013)


Persian Music

  • Rumi, Vox Musica Choir female choir -A FILM AND MUSIC CONCERT- at Sacramento (Apr 26, 27, 28, 2019)

  • Songs of my Homeland (2) at the De Anza Visual and Performing Arts Center in Cupertino (2017)

  • Songs of my Homeland (1) Smothers Theater in Malibu (2016)

Art Performance

  • Tanahang, Art Performance. Introducing a dialogue between music and Dance in Tehran (2014)

  • Rangahang, Art Performance. Introducing a dialogue between music and painting in Tehran (2013)


Sacred Music

  • Gospel Concert - Representing the African American Gospel music to Iranians- at Vahdat opera house, Tehran (2014)

  • Messiah ensemble at Vahdat opera house, Tehran (2011)

  • Christmas Concert at German embassy (2012)

  • Messiah ensemble at Assemblies of God Church in Tehran (2008)

  • Messiah ensemble at Episcopal Church in Tehran (2007)

  • Messiah ensemble (Christmas Concert) at Roudaki Hall in Tehran (2005)

  • Messiah ensemble (Christmas Concert) at Shafagh Theater in Tehran (2004) 

  • Worship Concert at Niloo Presbyterian Church in Tehran (2003)

  • Pentecost Concert at Assemblies of God Church in Tehran (2000)

  • Worship Concert tour at Church in Tehran and Shahin Shahr (1990)

  • Worship concert tour at Assyrian Church, Armenian Church in Tehran and Orumieh (1998)

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