About Honiball

Honiball Joseph is a composer, conductor, and pianist, with more than thirty years (Since 1986) of extensive international experience in music and art. He graduated from Tehran Music Conservatory and Tehran Azad Art University.


Honiball Joseph is the founder and current CEO of Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation. Besides Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation, he has founded and directed Gilgamesh Philharmonic Orchestra (2016-present), Iranian Choir of America (2015-2018) in the US, and Beneil Music Academy (2001-2015), Messiah Ensemble (1998-2015), and Ambassadors of Christ Choir (1997- 1999) in Iran. He also conceived and established the Virtual Iranian Global Art Festival in 2005 and served as its chair for three consecutive terms (2006-2008).


In addition to numerous recitals, he has organized, conducted, arranged and composed several orchestral and vocal concerts such as:


  • Contemporary Assyrian Folk Concert at Smothers Theater in Malibu (2019)

  • Rumi, Vox Musica Choir female choir -A FILM AND MUSIC CONCERT- at Sacramento (Apr 26, 27, 28, 2019)

  • Living Assyria Concert at the British Museum, London (Feb 22, 2019)

  • Moment Musical Recital at the Norman P. Murray City Hall in Mission Viejo (2018)

  • Songs of my Homeland (2) at the De Anza Visual and Performing Arts Center in Cupertino (2017)

  • Songs of my Homeland (1) Smothers Theater in Malibu (2016) 

  • Mesopotemian Nights C-PAEC in Los angeles, Calabasas (2015) 

  • Serenades, the Melodies of Love at IQ studio in Orange County (2017).

  • He also performed at the most prestigious concert halls in Iran, such as 

  • Tanahang, Performance Art in street. Introducing a dialogue between music and Dance in Tehran (2014)

  • Gospel Concert -Representing the African American Gospel music to Iranians- at Vahdat opera house, Tehran (2014)

  • Assyrian Folk concert at German Embassy in Tehran (2013)

  • Rangahang, Performance Art in street. Introducing a dialogue between music and painting in Tehran (2013)

  • Mesopotemian Nights -Performing Ishtar & Tamouz- at san Jose (2013)

  • Intercultural music in 10 languages - Representing various Eastern and Western cultures to Iranians- at Milad Tower, Tehran (2013)

  • Messiah ensemble at Vahdat opera house, Tehran (2011)

  • Christmas Concert at German embassy (2012)

  • Messiah ensemble at Assemblies of God Church in Tehran (2008)

  • Messiah ensemble at Episcopal Church in Tehran (2007)

  • Messiah ensemble (Christmas Concert) at Roudaki Hall in Tehran (2005)

  • Messiah ensemble (Christmas Concert) at Shafagh Theater in Tehran (2004) 

  • Worship Concert at Niloo Presbitarian Church in Tehran (2003)

  • Pentecost Concert at Assemblies of God Church in Tehran (2000)

  • Worship Concert tour at Church in Tehran and Shahin Shahr (1990)

  • Worship concert tour at Assyrian Church, Armenian Church in Tehran and Orumieh (1998)


Honiball Joseph has been a music educator since 1986. He is passionate about helping high quality art become more accessible to the community. Creativity, the generation of new ideas and novel styles in the art have been inseparable aspects of his life.

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