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Shamiram & Ninous - Audio Digital File - ܫܲܡܝܼܪܲܡ ܘ ܢܝܼܢܘܿܣ

Shamiram & Ninous - Audio Digital File - ܫܲܡܝܼܪܲܡ ܘ ܢܝܼܢܘܿܣ

“Shamiram & Ninous” is a beautiful song based on the legendary ancient love story of the Queen Shamiram (or Semiramis) and her lover, Prince Ninous. The music masterfully portrays two parallel tales of romance, one ancient and one modern.

While the sensational Assyrian vocalist, Violet Sargizi, sings the saga of this ancient love affair, a musical composer is overcome with emotions as he imagines Shamiram and Ninous coming back to life in the modern world, dancing and walking in the garden. The folkloric music rearranged by Honiball Joseph makes this piece of art one of few Assyrian unique music productions.

The dramatic retelling of the love story in the form of music using the lyrics of the talented Assyrian poet, Yosep Bet Yosep, reincarnates the famed Assyrian legend. 

Honiball Joseph is passionately intent on inspiring and promoting the ancient Assyrian language throughout the world and effectively uses music to achieve his mission. (Written by Rebecca Simon)

Vocal: Violet Sargizy
Poem: Yosep bet Yosep
Music: Honiball Joseph

Special thanks to Arya Aziminejad
Narration: Shimun Bet ishoand Shamiram D. Pourian

Illustrator: Amir Hassan Noori

Graphic Designer: Alireza Shokoohi

Inspired and designed by Honiball Joseph

Copyright © 2015 Honiball Joseph

Publisher: Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation 2018
This project is sponsored by: Shamiram Assyrian Women Association And Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation

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